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Electrical Emergency Service BataviaJust in case you have ever experienced a thunderstorm, natural disaster or other large electrical event, then you have possibly dealt with a power outage and need to check the electric panel in your home to turn the power back on. The electric service panel is what spreads currents of electricity to all the various rooms and parts of your home. Just in case you have yet to familiarized yourself with the breaker box then it would be a good idea to do so, particularly in case of emergencies. Having the ability to get at the correct circuit breaker often means the difference between life and death.

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The electric panel is typically located in basements, backrooms along with other tucked away areas of the home. Once you open the panel doorway, you will have access to all the circuit breakers or fuses in the home. Generally, there’ll be one panel for the entire house, but if there were improvements to the home or remodeling, there might be additional sub panels for all those as well. Since all the circuit breakers are located in this one place, this panel could also be referred to as the breaker box’. Inside the breaker box, the circuit breakers are piled and a lever that’s labeled on and off controls every one.

There is a regulated number of current which could go through each breaker, therefore when there is a brief or an overload it causes the breaker to trip along with shield the circuit by cutting the power. Additionally, to all the breakers for the personal circuits in your home, there’s also a primary breaker managing the power entering your home. Like some other circuit breakers, it may be either on or off. If it isn’t based in the breaker panel, it might be situated in a different panel board elsewhere in the home. In certain homes, you can even have a fuse box with screw-in fuses rather than circuit breakers, but the function along with the way it works is essentially the same. To see the main breaker, which you’ll have to do if you plan to put in a circuit or replace one which goes bad, you have to take the electrical panel cover off. This could typically be easily achieved with a screw driver as electric panel covers are often held in position with four screws, one in each corner.


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