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Electrician Plainfield

We provide professional licensed electrician services to all of Plainfield IL.

We are considered a top electrician in Plainfield by many builders and residents locally.

Wether you need residential electrical troubleshooting or a new EV charger installation we do it all!

Our team of highly skilled electricians can handle projects large or small or around your home.

We offer and industry leading 5 year warranty against wiring defects.

Family owned and operated and 5 Star dependability!

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EV Charger Installation Plainfield

We are offering electric car charge installations in Plainfield for Tesla, BMW, Ford, Rivian, and many other makes and models.

We can help determine the proper size power supply for your electric car charger and perform load calculations to insure a safe installation.

There are options for a level 1 or a level 2 car charger and the speed at which the car will charge is based on the output for each of these.

Tesla car charger installation is one of the more common chargers being installed today.

The Tesla Wall Connector is a 60 amp power supply which can be a strain on a homes electrical system if not carefully inspected.

We will help determine the best solutions for your individual needs and provide free quotes.

Electric Car Charger Installation Naperville Tesla EV

Recessed lighting installation

With regards to all the options of recessed lighting installation let us help create a look that will work for your space!

We have decades of electrical installation experience and can put that to use for your home.

The color temperature of the light measured in Kelvins will determine how it looks on the color spectrum.

The size of the recessed light will play into the overall look of the space and determine how many lights will be needed.

The quantity of lights and lumen output will determine how bright or dim the lighting will be for a particular room of the house.

Placement of the lights is really important to prevent any shadows or dark spots with improperly placed lights.

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LED light installation

LED lighting is the preferred option because it uses less power and lasts much longer than traditional light sources such as halogen or incandescent light options.

Many LED lights are rated for over 50,000 hours, a standard incandescent light bulb by comparison is rated to last 1,000 hours.

The power consumption of an LED light is about 1/6th the consumption of its incandescent counterpart.

This savings in energy and longevity translates to lower electrical bills and out of pocket costs for the home owner.

Electrical Company Plainfield

We are a preferred electrical company in Plainfield because we operate with honesty and integrity.

We are licensed and insured to work in Bolingbrook and are familiar with the local codes.

Other electrical companies try to upsell products and services but we only provide what is needed and necessary as per our customers expectations of trustworthy service.

Reliant Naperville Electrician is the professional licensed electrician of choice for Bolingbrook IL.

If you need an Electrician in Plainfield contact us today!

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