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Electrical Service Panel systems can be considered the backbone of modern homes, offices, and commercial properties. The Electrical Service panel is where all the electricity for these properties are controlled. If you are in need of an electrical service panel upgrade typically this means that you need additional power capacity for a “modernization” of your property. There are hundreds of factors that can determine the cost of an electrical service panel upgrade. Reliant Electrical contractors of Naperville can not only help you with your Electrical Service Panel Upgrade but can also help you determine the considerations that factor into the cost.

How much does an Electrical Service Panel Upgrade Cost in Naperville IL?

Reliant Electrician in Naperville can help provide you with the most affordable yet quality price for an Electrical Service Panel Upgrade. But first we need to know a little more about your upgrade.

Is your upgrade for functional or financial reasons?

Modern homes come equip with devices that need more and more electricity, like your flat screen TV, your many computers, or even you new devices like a refrigerator that has computer screens on them. In the tech world they call this the Internet of Things… which means that your common home goods might have internet connection and will thus need electricity. Just think, your couch might be connected to the IOT to measure how much you sit and your weight… which ultimately will need electricity. So upgrading your panel might not only serve your immediate needs for electricity but your future needs or add value to the resale of your home.

How to tell if your Electrical Service Panel is in need of immediate upgrade, your devices might do the following:

  • Any sign of an electrical safety hazard
  • Flickering light
  • Buzzin
  • Crackling sound
  • Blown fuse
  • Build up of heat
  • Irregular electrical behavior

When considering an electrical service panel upgrade and are looking for the cost associated then you need to consider the following. First is the labor cost associated with the installation of your upgraded panel. This can take up to 8 to 10 hours and will need a licensed electrician to perform the work. Next is the material costs which depend on the type of panel purchased and any additional functions your property might need. Last there might be some additional costs like old wiring, old outlets, outdated fixtures, or even damaged electrical circuits.

Choose the right Electrical Service Panel Upgrade Electrician in Naperville

If you decided it is time for an upgrade, then consider the experts at Reliant Electrical in Naperville. Reliant Electrical is a licensed and bonded electricians that have years of experience. We look forward to helping you with your electrical service panel upgrade in Naperville today!
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