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Pool Outlet Installations Naperville


pool-outlet-installation-naperville pool pump wiring and grounding

Top rated Licensed Local Electricians for swimming pool power installation and grounding.

We provide pool outlet installation and pool electrical services in Naperville IL

Are you in need of a trusted electrician who can help you with your Pool Outlet Installation. Reliant Naperville Electrician in IL has been providing pool outlet installs and services to Naperville residents for over 20 years. We are highly experienced electricians who are licensed in the state of Illinois. We are also registered and licensed for the Naperville Electrical building requirements for pool electricity installations. We are affordable and reliable and can help with your pool outlet needs. Contact us today for your free quote!

What does Running electricity to above ground pool in Naperville entail?

Taking an example of a pool that might have a 1 horse power pump. First the Reliant Naperville Electricians would wire the outlet as if it was considered an outdoor receptacle. We consider multiple scenarios that might cause issues. Such as:

  • Does the pump have cord with a normal plug, twist lock plug, or should it be hard wired
  • Is it a double insulated pool pump
  • Nameplate amps on the motor
  • How close is the pump to the pool
  • What metal parts of the pool should be grounded and bonded
  • What local Naperville codes should be followed
  • What is the proper locations for GFCI protection

The electricians at Reliant Naperville Electrician do a thorough inspection of all aspects for your pool outlet installation. We asses each and every pool to make sure we are giving the proper consultation before we start our upgrade. Reliant Naperville Electrician makes sure to provide the highest quality of service at an affordable rate.

Call us today to find out what your Electricity requirements are for your above ground pool outlet in Naperville!




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  • Had them install an outlet for a car charger, service was great and it looks perfect. Fast scheduling and up-front pricing as well, overall great experience.

    Nick Coddington Avatar Nick Coddington

    Had an excellent experience working with Dave and his team. Their team was extremely professional and was able to help with completing the necessary paperwork and calculations for installation of a Tesla car charger. The day of the installation went extremely smoothly and the electrician was able to install with no mess. Would highly recommend to anyone in the Naperville area who is looking to have a car charger installed. I would also use Dave and team for other electrical projects.

    Perrin Baker Avatar Perrin Baker

    Great service, got two lights fixtures on, and one of the light fixture needs new wiring, also install new light switch with good solution. The technician is very professional, polite, and detail. They clean all the debris. And when my home out of power, Dave also helped out.

    Zhichao Gong Avatar Zhichao Gong
  • Very quick response. When I first called, I had several repairs needed, but my budget was limited. They were upfront about cost - No hidden fees. I had called other places, but no one else responded. When I texted Dave back that I would like just one ceiling light replacement, he quickly responded, asked for a picture of current fixture and then explained what to get at the hardware store. Two days later, Darius came and was very efficient and everything works! I am grateful for the quick response, since my elderly mother, who is legally blind, needs that hallway light. I want to add that Dave is very personable and has an honest work ethic. I cannot recommend his business enough.

    Cindy Blank Avatar Cindy Blank

    I had an outlet that had no power going to it for years. The electrician discovered that the wire connection going to the outlet was faulty and not the outlet. He fixed the wiring and I finally have a working outlet. He was very knowledgeable, polite and professional. I highly recommend this company. Dave is very responsive to his customers. Excellent customer service.

    Janice Kowalczyk Avatar Janice Kowalczyk

    I had originally called another electrician to run electricity for an above ground pool. The day I had water being delivered, the first electrician had a family emergency and was unable to complete the job. I immediately began scrambling to find another electrician and called Reliant Electrical. I explained my situation to Dave, and although they were busy, he rearranged his schedule to fit me in a few days later. Darius did the electrical and Bob hand trenched my yard, which was over 60 feet in 90 degree weather! Both were very professional and I passed my pool inspection with flying colors the next day. I will use Reliant Electrical again in the future!

    Kim W. Avatar Kim W.
  • Quality work and good price. Dave provided good communication on work dates and arrival times. The work was professional and of the highest quality. I would definitely recommend calling Reliant Electrical.

    Ryan Galliher Avatar Ryan Galliher

    Dan was great… quickly solved problem…. Professional, friendly, knowledgeable…. Reliant is our “go to” electric service.

    Steffanie Malmquist Avatar Steffanie Malmquist

    I have been using Reliant for several jobs and they are wonderful!

    Laura Avatar Laura
  • Reliant Electrical quoted the scope of work (new 100 amp sub panel in basement) and had it scheduled within a day of me contacting them at a competitive price. The technician showed up on time and showed professionalism with his install. Reliant checks all the boxes you could ask from an electrical sub-contractor: prompt and reliable communication, on schedule, on budget, quality work.

    John Little Avatar John Little

    Great service. Responded within an hour for a quote and had an electrician out in less than 24 hours. Great and clean work. Very good communication. Highly recommend.

    Joe Kotlarz Avatar Joe Kotlarz

    They came out to replace a broken light fixture. The technician came even earlier than expected - they called first - did the job quickly and completely.

    david mcdonald Avatar david mcdonald
  • Used Reliant several months ago and they did a great job! Dave was responsive and transparent to deal with and the electrician did great work. Very satisfied and will use them again.

    Otto N Avatar Otto N

    I called Reliant and talked to Dave for a quote installing recessed lights last week. He gave a fair quote and patienly answered all my questions. Today the recessed lights were installed. They did a great job. Highly recommend this company.

    Amo Cenare Avatar Amo Cenare

    AWESOME ELECTRICIAN FIVE STARS!!! I can not say enough about how great our experience was with Reliant. We called them out after the storms took down our power and we were without electricity to our entire house! I can’t believe how fast they were able to get over to our house to restore power and they were very reasonably priced compared to others we called. My wife and I work from home so we needed our internet and they saved the day. We could not be happier and will definitely be recommending them!

    40ondarock Avatar 40ondarock
  • I contacted Reliant because I had a problem with some circuit breakers not working. I spoke with Dave and after explaining my problem his response was OK let me see how we can get this fixed today. I will call you back. He did and scheduled a Technician early afternoon. The Technician arrived on time. He was a polite man with a positive attitude. He did only the work that was needed and did not try to "sell me more" than what was needed. The repair was completed in less than an hour. If I need Electrical repair work in the future I will call Reliant

    Tom Schneider Avatar Tom Schneider

    Called Reliant yesterday about the lights no longer working in one of our bathrooms - a problem since everyone is now in the house all the time with the current "shelter in place" rules in effect. An electrician was at our house this morning at 8:00am and had the problem fixed before 9:00am - couldn't be more pleased both with the service delivered by Reliant and with the fact that the bathroom now has functional lighting again. Thank you!

    James Oakley Avatar James Oakley

    Wonderful electricians! They tell you everything you need to know and provide quality service all around. I highly recommend them for your next project involving electrical work.

    elnora fripp Avatar elnora fripp
  • Technician from Reliant came out and fixed all the outlets that were causing problems. They all work again. Nice work!

    Marylou Poppelman Avatar Marylou Poppelman

    Dave and his team were great they installed dedicated outlet for my pool filter, they arrived on time and finished the job promptly sooner than they thought also the materials and workmanship were top notch will call them for any electric needs in future.

    T D Avatar T D

    Electrician arrived at designated time finished the work within the estimated time and was professional. Price and communication was good. Thanks.

    Eric Dizon Avatar Eric Dizon
  • Dave was a pleasure to work with... he replaced our circuit breaker box. Quality work at a fair price. Very responsive too! Thanks Dave!!

    Patty Smith Avatar Patty Smith

    Dave was very professional and I plan to use him in the future. He was able to diagnose the issue and make the repair within a handful of minutes. After presenting him with a few other electrical tasks to be quoted out, he went ahead and completed two of them with the remaining time I was being charged for. This was a great customer experience.

    Robert Profita Avatar Robert Profita

    Great customer service. Dave texted and called before coming. I had a new electrical outlet installed. He reviewed my options for installation. He also reviewed his work with me upon completion. Outlet installation was completed within quoted time and for amount quoted on the telephone. Will definitely use Reliant Electrical again.

    Jeff Nichols Avatar Jeff Nichols
  • I found Reliant Electrical on Google search results and hired them to change ceiling fans in my house. They did a great job and were clean and courteous. I really liked the owner, Dave. I definitely plan on using them in the future. Thanks Reliant!

    Annie Gomez Avatar Annie Gomez

    Dave was able to fix some electrical issues in our basement. Not only did he do a fantastic job but he was able to get in and out within a day of when I called him. We will be needing more electrical work done in the near future and will be using Dave. i would recommend him to everyone!

    Tony Morelli Avatar Tony Morelli

Pool Power Trenching

electrical trenching for above ground pool outlet installation Naperville il
Pool power trenching installations are provided by Reliant Naperville Electrician.

Swimming Pool Outlets

grounding of pool equipment in Naperville il with copper wiring
Swimming Pool Outlets are provided and installed according to local building codes.

Pool outlet Installation Naperville IL

twist lock receptacle for swimming pool pump power and weather proof cover.
Pool outlet installation Naperville IL

GFCI Pool Outlet Installation

Electrical conduit installation with rigid metal conduit to GFCI outlet for pool equipment
GFCI pool outlet installation Naperville IL

Pool Pump Grounding Naperville

swimming pool grounding in Naperville IL with copper wire at Hayward pool pump.
Pool pump grounding Naperville IL

Pool Electrician Naperville

Twist lock pool outlet installation with rigid metal conduit and outdoor electrical boxes.
Twistlock receptacle outlet for swimming pool Naperville

Swimming Pool Grounding, Bonding, and Electrical Codes

When installing power for a swimming pool, it is essential to follow specific requirements and guidelines to ensure safety and compliance with electrical codes. Here are the important requirements for the installation of swimming pool power by a licensed electrician, including grounding and bonding requirements:

  • Electrical Codes and Permits:
    • Before starting any electrical work, the licensed electrician should be familiar with local, state, and national electrical codes that pertain to swimming pool installations. In most cases, a permit will be required for this type of work.
  • GFCI Protection:
  • Underground Wiring:
    • Pool electrical wiring should be installed underground to prevent the risk of tripping hazards or damage to the wiring. Wiring should be in conduit or cable suitable for wet locations.
  • Proper Wiring Size and Capacity:
    • The electrician must select the appropriate wire size and circuit capacity to handle the electrical load of the pool equipment and lighting. This is typically based on the pool’s size and the electrical requirements of the equipment.
  • Dedicated Circuits:
    • Pool equipment, such as pumps, heaters, and lighting, should have dedicated circuits to avoid overloading the electrical system and ensure reliable operation.
  • Bonding Requirements:
    • Proper bonding is crucial to prevent the risk of electric shock in and around the pool. Bonding is a system of interconnected conductors that provides a low-resistance path for electric current to follow in case of electrical faults. The bonding requirements include: a. Equipotential Bonding: All metal components in and around the pool, including the pool shell, ladder, handrails, and deck, should be connected to the pool bonding grid. This helps to maintain equal electrical potential and reduce the risk of electric shock. b. Bonding Grid: The pool bonding grid is typically made of copper or other corrosion-resistant materials and is installed in the concrete pool deck. It connects all metal components in contact with the pool water.
  • Grounding:
    • Proper grounding of pool equipment and electrical systems is essential for safety. Grounding ensures that electrical faults are safely directed into the ground, preventing electric shock. The grounding requirements include:
    • A. Grounding Electrode System: A grounding electrode system is installed near the pool equipment and connected to the pool’s electrical system to provide a path for electrical fault currents to safely dissipate into the earth.
    • B. Bonding of Metal Parts: Metal parts of pool equipment and associated structures should be bonded to the grounding system to ensure proper grounding.
  • Equipment Disconnect:
    • A disconnect switch should be installed near the pool equipment, allowing for safe and convenient shutdown of power in case of maintenance or emergencies.
  • Inspections and Testing:
    • After installation, a licensed electrician should perform thorough inspections and testing to ensure that all electrical components and connections meet code requirements and safety standards
  • Proper labeling of all electrical equipment, GFCI outlets, and circuit breakers associated with the swimming pool is important for safety and easy identification during maintenance and emergencies.

The installation of power for a swimming pool by a licensed electrician involves adherence to electrical codes, the use of GFCI protection, proper wiring, bonding, grounding, and other safety measures. Following these requirements ensures a safe and compliant electrical installation for your swimming pool, reducing the risk of electrical hazards and accidents. Contact Reliant Naperville Electrician today for a FREE QUOTE!

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