How to up your Electric Game in your Naperville Home

Electric Upgrades from your Experts at Reliant Electric Naperville

In today’s world of Fixer Upper and Pinterest the are several ways to update your home to be on point with the latest trends and one tends to overlook the electrical aspects.

Below are some ideas that can help give the electric aspects of your home a spark so to speak.

  • create an outlet cover that is not only safe from children, but also hides an eye sore of an outlet like the one pictured above
  • Another way to hide an outlet is to create a border on a wall which would be eye catching and creative

  • include a hidden outlet that can pop up when needed to charge that phone that is low from searching new electrical ideas with Reliant Electric Naperville

  • hide an outlet inside a drawer for charging a phone or other electronic gadgets 


All in all when you’re looking for some creative ideas in electrical work Reliant Electrician Naperville can help you with all of your electrical needs while giving you safe, innovative and eye-catching designs. Contact us today!