EV Electric Vehicle Charger Installations in Naperville and Aurora

Electric car charger installation in Naperville is becoming very common in today’s market.

We are experiencing a big uptick in requests for EV chargers to be installed in Naperville and the surrounding areas in Aurora and Plainfield.

Hiring the right electrician for your electric car charger installation is very important.

Reliant Naperville Electrician is licensed locally and tested to Master Certification level nationally through the ICC.

When you first contact us about your Electric Car Charger Installation in Naperville we will go over the necessary requirements for your individual circumstance.

There are many different car charger brands available on the market today.

More popular EV brands are Tesla, Ford, Siemens, and Rivian among many more.

Understanding the power requirement of your unit will help us determine if your existing electrical service is adequate to provide power for the new installation.

Most single-family homes in the area will have either a 100 amp or 200 amp 120/240v main electrical service panel.

Most of the level 2 EV chargers require anywhere from 30 to 90 amps and 240 volts of power.

This is why it is important to have our licensed electricians evaluate your electrical service to determine if it is capable of handling the new larger load.

We can perform a load calculation of your existing main electrical panel to make sure everything is up to code locally.

We provide electrician services for Electric Car Charger Installation in Naperville, Aurora, Plainfield, or any other surrounding area as we are licensed to service all of Illinois.

In certain circumstances, a service panel upgrade will be necessary to boost the max capacity of your electrical system.

Reliant can go over how we will plan to install your EV charging equipment power and also your service panel upgrade when that is necessary.

All of our installations will be installed to current electrical codes locally and with the NEC nationally.

Hiring an electrician for your new charging station should be an informative and pleasant experience.

We have been providing top-notch electrical services in the area for over 22 years now and have built a great reputation for honest and affordable electrical services.

Reliant Naperville Electrician is happy to offer free information and estimates without any commitments.

You can contact us for more information or schedule your service today!

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Frequently Asked Questions for Electric Car Charger Installations.

Can my breaker panel support a new car charger?

These are some things to consider when asking if your main electrical service panel can support a new car charger or EV charging station. Most residential electrical services are either 100 or 200 amps in size. A new 240-volt level 2 Electric car charger typically draws 30 to 90 amps worth of power depending on the make and model of the car charger. You will need at least two available spaces for the branch circuit to fit in the breaker panel. We advise having a load calculation performed to evaluate if the ampacity of your existing service panel is adequate for the EV charger you’d like to purchase. In a majority of cases, a 200 amp service panel or larger will be sufficient to accommodate a level 2 charging station.

What can I do if my breaker panel is overloaded, can I still add a car charger?

If your breaker panel is overloaded you have the option to still install a 240-volt level 2 electric car charger. If the ampacity of your main electrical service panel is adequate in size but you are short on circuit space, then adding a sub panel could be an option to create more circuit spaces. If the ampacity of your main electrical service is not enough to support your new EV charger then an electrical service upgrade would be an option to increase the capacity of your main service panel. The most common service panel upgrades are changing a 100 amp service to a larger 200 amp service. Having a licensed electrician evaluate your electricity can help in many ways to prevent unnecessary costs or delays.

What is the best Car Charger?

The best car charger is going to be the one that can charge your specific vehicle with the most efficiency. Some car chargers like Tesla have options to load shed and share the same circuit with two different chargers. It’s important to think about what your future expansion plans might be when installing the electrical power for your new EV charger. Eventually, most vehicles in the United States will be electrically powered. The EV charger that works best for you might need load shedding and sharing capability. Also, an important consideration will be how fast you’ll want the charger to charge your vehicle. The speed at which your vehicle will charge depends on the power requirements of the model you select and how it is engineered with its compatibility with your vehicle. The charging speed is rated in miles of charge per hour and can range from 10 to over 100mph.

Do Naperville and Illinois have Car Charger Installation rebates?

Rebates for a licensed electrician-installed car charger are available through the City of Naperville and more broadly through other government agencies. These rebates are always changing so it’s good to check the current opportunities to save some money.

Can an Electric Car Charger be installed outdoors?

Yes, some electric car chargers are designed and listed to be installed in outdoor applications.

Is a permit required to install an Electric Car Charger?

In most cases, a permit will be required for the installation of an EV charger. Depending on the City, Village, or County you reside in will determine the permitting process. A licensed electrician will almost always be required to sign off on the permit.

Can I use my existing 120v receptacle in the garage to charge my electric vehicle?

Yes, with most electric vehicles you can charge with a standard 120v receptacle. The charging speed will be quite low and is most often not preferred since a larger 240-volt level 2 electric car charger will be able to charge the vehicle 5 to 20 times faster.

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