Ceiling Fan Installation

Ceiling Fan Installation in Naperville IL

ceiling-fan-installation-napervilleThe biggest error people make when installing a ceiling fan is probably the most affordable part of the installation, the box it is mounted on. Typically, when a house is roughed in for lighting a round plastic box with 2, 6\/32 screws to mount the device is used. This box is ideal for a 2 lb incandescent light, but definitely can not support a 20 pound ceiling fan. The plastic box is typically nailed to a joist with 2 straight nails making it very safe for the average luminaire. This nevertheless is not safe enough for the weight and motion of a ceiling fan.

You’re going to have to change the box to an accepted ceiling fan box. An accepted box can be bought at most building supply businesses and should be used to get any ceiling fan setup. The box differs from most boxes because it is steel and connected to a substantial bracket that’s secured to the joist by both nailing or enlarging the bracket. Additionally the screws are bigger and go throughout the box as opposed to screw into it. By doing this the fan is hung from the box and bracket not only the little screws. The first step is to turn the power off, not the light switch, the breaker.

Now you may safely remove the luminaire and box from the ceiling. Just in case you have access to the light from above that’s the perfect way to remove and install your box. If you do not mind utilizing the chains no extra wiring modifications are needed, unless the original wiring isn’t adequately sizable to provide the lover, therefore be certain to verify cable size before proceeding. Odds are that light isn’t the only light on that circuit. If you can’t access the box from above you may still install the new box from below. Just follow the directions cautiously which come with your box.

Once you’ve installed your box and wiring it’s time to hang your fan. If you happen to remove an excessive amount of drywall when installing the box, you can buy a plastic covering which will cover most holes. Hang the bracket, the fan motor will stop by, and be sure to connect the earth and safety cable. Hang your motor unit on the bracket and join your wiring and safety cable.